First blog post

Hi WordPress and the wonderful people who may be reading this. This is my first post where I’ll be introducing myself and just writing a little about this blog and why I’ve decided to start it.

Im 22 years old in the South West UK and I have a long term battle with my mind. Since secondary school, months speaking to a councillor, medication, self destructive behaviour and toxic behaviours and relationships, I’m still here. I want to be brutally honest in this blog, I feel it would be more helpful for me and anyone reading this.

Discussing mental health and your thoughts have become more and more acceptable but still a certain stigma around the subject, as well as confusion and the unfortunate belief that you’ll simply ‘get over’ it and that you’re just either having a ‘down day’, you’re ‘lazy’, ‘attention seeking’ or simply ‘dramatic’..

Ill be going into the above throughout the journey of this blog but I just wanted to open up with this little post, whether anyone reads this or not, this is a blog to openly talk about these things and a place to be honest and open and where my daily and long term thoughts and feelings can be poured out to.

Thanks, Natalie xo

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